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Download this guide in pdf format here: CRM-TS_Student_Guide.pdf

Download this guide in docx format here: CRM-TS_Student_Guide.docx


Contrast Rxn Management Online Learning Tool

This guide is intended to assist Students with creating a user account and navigating through the Contrast Rxn Management learning modules and tests.

Before you begin, be sure:

Your browser is up-to-date. Check if your browser is supported by clicking here:

You are ready to complete the registration process. When you submit registration for a user account, you have 24-hours to complete the process. It only takes a few minutes!

The volume on your computer is turned up.


a.Go to the training site: http://contrastrxn.com

b.The homepage lists instructions of how to complete the training scenarios; also included in Step #6 of this guide.

2.Register a User Account

a.Click “Register” in the upper right corner on the home page.

b.The “Student/Participant” form will appear.

c.Complete the registration form using the Student Registration Key provided to you and hit “Submit”.

d.You will receive an email containing your unique registration link at

email account you provided on the registration form. The subject of email will be 'confirmation email’.

NOTE: the link is active for 24 hours only.

e. The website log in page will open when you click on the registration link in the confirmation email.

3.Login as a Student

a.Enter the user name and password you created, and click ‘Submit’.

If you have forgotten your password, click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link below the log in fields. A new password will be sent to the email address you used to register your account.


a.A page listing your assignments will appear – see example image on right. The due date for each assignment is listed in red text.

b.Click on the first assignment and work your way through the program. Important Notes:

Tests and Simulation modules must be completed sequentially.

You must enter correct responses for each simulation module in order to move to your next assignment.

If you encounter a website issue or have a question, contact contrast@uw.edu or


go to ‘Contact Us’ on the website and fill out the online form.



5.Complete the Pretest (if assigned)

a.Click on the first assignment, ‘pretest’ and select a multiple-choice response for each question.

b.Click the check-box next to the attestation statement at the end of the test. You must do this for the ‘Submit’ button to appear.

c.Click ‘Submit’. Correct responses will appear in bold green text and incorrect responses will be in bold red text.

d.Click ‘Continue’ at the end of the test to go back to the assignments page and click on the next assignment, which may include medication videos, contrast video or ‘Scenario 1’.

6.Complete the contrast video and medications videos (if assigned)

a.Ensure your volume is turned up.

b.Press the play button. You must watch the entire video to move forward.

c.Once you have completed all the required videos you will move on to "Simulation 1".

7.Complete Simulations 1 through 5

Ensure your volume is turned up so you can hear the patient/clinician dialogue and stethoscope sounds.

The following steps are the same instructions listed on the homepage.

a.Play the video in each scenario. The patient's background will be displayed to the right of the video.

b.Below the video are options for Vital signs, Pulse oximetry, and Clinical exam/Stethoscope findings.

c.If you are having difficulty with the scenario and cannot proceed further please click the "Help" button. Note: this will end the scenario. After successfully completing the scenario, please click the "Key Learning Points" button to see the detailed key learning points. Please review the Key Learning Points for all the scenarios prior to moving onto the next scenario.

d.The vitals, technologist actions, medication selections along with patient and technologist responses will be displayed below the above described buttons.

A transcription log of the scenario's progress is displayed in the box at the bottom of the page.

The 'Restart Procedure' button in the upper right hand corner allows you to restart the scenario without having to watch the video again.



8.Complete the Post-Test (if assigned)

a.Directly after you have completed all 5 scenarios, continue to the ‘Posttest’ on the Assignments page.

b.Complete the Posttest. See Step #5 for instructions on how to complete the test, if needed.

If you encounter a website issue or have a question, contact contrast@uw.edu or


go to ‘Contact Us’ on the website and fill out the online form.